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Average Life Expectancy of an AC System in Southwest Florida

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“I was told that the average life expectancy of an A/C System is only seven to ten years. How can this be? My System up north is twenty years old!” While split air conditioning systems in northern areas of the country may have a longer lifespan in years, generally speaking, the actual run-time over a […]

Extended Warranties: a Worthwhile Investment or a Waste of Money?

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“My system is brand new and has a 10 year parts warranty, so why would I purchase another warranty?” It’s important to realize that manufacturer’s parts warranties provide only the replacement part. They do not cover labor, refrigerant, processing, and shipping fees or any incidental items necessary in completing the repair. The customer will be […]

Why Am I Replacing My Coil after Only a Few Years of Service?

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There is an abundance of information available on the internet on the topic of coil failure and/or formicary corrosion. Please find herein a collection of information we feel offers the most comprehensive answers to the often asked question, “Why does my Coil require replacement after only a few years of service?” References are credited on […]

Why Maintenance Is Important

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Let’s face it, in Florida; air conditioning is a need, not a want. When it’s working properly, you aren’t likely to think about it … at all. But when it fails, it’s ALL you – and everyone else in the house – will be able to think about! Can it be fixed? How long will […]

The $29 Maintenance Offer: Too Good To Be True?

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“I received an offer from another A/C company for Maintenance at an exceptionally low cost. Can you match this?” It’s a good question, and one we’ve been asked many times. It cost more than $29 to dispatch a technician (the tech’s time, supplies to perform the maintenance, overhead such as vehicle expenses, insurances, office personnel, […]

Coil Failure (Formicary Corrosion)

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Most coil failures are actually the result of a specific coil failure known in the industry as Formicary Corrosion. This is a very specific type of corrosion that has become more and more common. It’s not to be confused with the “Chinese Drywall” syndrome the industry suffered from a few years back. Formicary Corrosion occurs […]

Sealed Envelope Construction—What You Need to Know

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September 2015 Many components come together to create a sealed envelope in construction, but the primary (and most vulnerable) component is the spray foam, or open/closed cell, insulation used to insulate and seal your home. So, what exactly is the “building envelope”? It’s what separates the interior of the home from the exterior elements. In […]

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