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Pick from a Selection of Top Industry Air Conditioning Products in Naples, FL

With so many brands to choose from, you might wonder how we decide what product lines to promote.

For us, it boils down to brands that provide us (CNR and, therefore, you), with quality products, great customer service, and long manufacturer parts warranties.

The fact that we service all major brands provides us with great insight as to how each manufacturer and their authorized distributors perform when the time comes for them to honor their parts warranty. Those that perform the best on this end score the most points with us.

Air Conditioning Equipment


We have the utmost respect for the Lennox brand. Besides their long history of being a leader in innovation, they take pride in and stand behind their products. They offer superior customer service, provide extremely efficient warranty protocols, and offer a wide range of product lines, including a host of fabulous indoor air quality solutions.


Tempstar is another product line that we are very comfortable promoting (from the dependability of the line to the local support from our supplier). Tempstar offers products are economical, without sacrificing the performance or aesthetic values that many other manufacturers have to in order to be able to offer a more affordable product. Tempstar allows us a range of applications with the flexibility to design a system around individual needs.


LG: it’s all in the name. The powerhouse of electronics has widened their range of quality products to include mini split air conditioning systems as well as a new line of VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems. Founded in 1958, LG is no stranger to making quality and dependable products. With an extremely motivated team to lead the promotion of this line along with the support of internally trained technicians (not simply someone reading from a book), LG has stepped up as one of the new leaders in how air conditioning is evolving. Also, all of LG’s replacement parts are shipped out for next day air via FedEx.


Honeywell is another well-known name brand that specializes in aftermarket controls and IAQ products, including a full line of whole home dehumidifiers. Founded back in 1906, Honeywell has stretched out to include products for both commercial and residential applications and services. All parts come with a standard 5 year limited warranty.


Ultra-Aire primarily focuses on dehumidification and ventilation. The biggest step in our industry for whole home dehumidification has been UltraAire’s introduction of the first residential split dehumidifier, the SD-12. To date, all residential dehumidifiers have been a “packaged” system (all components in the same box). The SD-12 has a remote condensing unit which greatly reduces indoor noise that has always been one of the largest issues with whole home dehumidifiers. In addition to noise reduction, the SD-12 also puts out a small amount of cooling (traditional dehus supply only hot air), which makes this unit ideal for garages and storage areas, where A/C systems typically cannot be installed.

Indoor Air Quality


RGF is a leader of innovative pollution solutions. Since 1985, they have been refining and developing solutions to the purification of not only indoor air quality but also waste water treatment and purification. In house staffing specialize in biological, mechanical, chemical, food, waste treatment, construction engineering, nuclear, fabrication, and environmental. RGF’s proactive approach to indoor air purification is cutting-edge by reversing the process. Typically, we filter air to purify, where RGF is actually introducing the air purifiers directly into the air stream which stops the pollutants at the source.


If you’ve seen one UV light, you’ve pretty much seen them all. There are numerous brands and styles out there, but CNR has been using the Bio-Fighter product for the past nine years, and it’s consistently proven itself to be both durable and reliable. Bio-Fighter also comes with a standard 5 year power pack warranty on all makes and models.

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We Service All Major Brands

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