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Why Maintenance Is Important

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Let’s face it, in Florida; air conditioning is a need, not a want. When it’s working properly, you aren’t likely to think about it … at all. But when it fails, it’s ALL you – and everyone else in the house – will be able to think about! Can it be fixed? How long will it take? How much will it cost? We’d like to share a few tips to help prevent some of those “not so cool” moments, and to help you properly care for the most important investment in your home!

  1. Preventative Maintenance visits offer us the opportunity to gather readings, and visually inspect you’re A/C System, while it’s operable. An Air Conditioning System in SW Florida operates an average of 2,800 hours per year, and accounts for approximately fifty-percent of your annual power costs. Much like routine physicals with your doctor, a Maintenance visit provides us with baseline readings and visual clues as to the over-all health of your System, therefore reducing the potential for unnecessary break downs.
  1. Cooler minds prevail! Maintenance offers you the benefit of meeting us under calm, cool, conditions. With a household of uncomfortable people, your primary concern is likely to be focused on the immediate problem at hand – You are all Hot!! Very Hot!! In a relaxed, no pressure situation, you’ll be more likely to ask questions about every day issues. Whether it’s about comfort control (Humidity? Fluctuating temperatures? Warm/cold spots?); costs to operate (efficiency); indoor air quality (allergens?); or the age of your system and whether you should be considering replacement; our Techs will be more than happy to share their hard-earned knowledge and offer sound, reasonable advice.
  1. Improve Efficiency! Proper Refrigerant Pressure, clean Filters & Coils and proper Amp Draws are also keys to ensuring proper, efficient operation and longevity of your System. Restricted Coils and Filters have a burdening effect on the performance of you’re a/c system.
  1. Improve Indoor Air Quality! Maintaining clean filters and coils plays a vital role in indoor air quality. We also offer some fabulous products designed to improve air quality above and beyond your standard pleated filter.
  1. Timing is everything: Our tropical summers are hard on Systems. They have to run longer, and work harder. Scheduling Maintenance visits during off-peak months (late spring and early fall) will ensure your system is in top condition, and will allow our Technicians the freedom of spending more time with you, to answer your questions and address your needs.

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